About the ENNC

The Elmhurst Neighbors and Newcomers Club (ENNC) is a nonprofit community organization for women in Elmhurst. ENNC was formed in 1949 by a group of Elmhurst residents who understood the value of community and togetherness. Over the years ENNC has grown to over 300 active members, both long-term residents and those new to Elmhurst.

Our Creed, originally written in 1949, still resonates today:

  • As we are making a new beginning in this community, so may we make fresh beginnings within ourselves and in our relationships with one another.
  • May we stand ready at all times to extend help and friendship to newcomers in our midst.
  • Remembering our own loneliness in new surroundings, may we strive to lessen it in the lives of others.
  • May we have done with hypocrisy, pretense and gossip in all their forms as unworthy of us.
  • May we hasten to re-establish those ties in neighborhood, church, school and community that are evidences of responsible citizenship.
  • May we strive ceaselessly to lift the level of our common life, enriching it with whatever gifts of talent, skill, knowledge, or experience as may be ours.
  • And may the friendships here established bless us through the years.