Holiday Prep & Gift Making Social

Please join Social Seminars, Working Moms and Crafty Chicks as we help you kick off a stress free holiday season!

We have created a social space for you to accomplish your holiday to-do’s.  Bring your laptop and work on your photo gifts or shop on-line, or bring along your holiday cards and address them, or pack up your gifts that need to be wrapped. Take advantage of having all of the gift wrap supplies you could need or want available to you.

Crafty Chicks will help you create homemade gifts that are ideal for teachers, hostesses and grandparents in your lives. You will have the option to choose between Custom Totes and Votives.  Fee is $15 for 2 totes or 8 Votives.  These projects are optional.

Cross items off your list while you enjoy time with friends!

Please see the evite for more details.

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