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Working Moms

We are all very busy juggling our work and the needs of our families, and sometimes a little help goes a long way! This group meets every other month and is designed to be a resource to help working moms get answers and advice on some of their most pressing questions.

Our outings may be scheduled around a formal speaker presentation about topics relevant to working moms.  Or, at informal gatherings where members can ask and offer advice to other members on questions they may have (whether it be related to daycare, dinner times, drop-offs, nursing while back at work, nannies…you name it!).

This is a relatively new group, and we are open to suggestions from members.  We want to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our members!

Upcoming Working Moms Events

Looks like we don't have any upcoming events scheduled for Working Moms. We encourage you to browse our list of other upcoming club events, or contact us if you have questions.